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Menampilkan postingan dari Februari, 2010

talking about GHOSTs

well, i think this is an interesting subject because everybody love talking about superstitious things, eh, em ai right?
hmm, for those who did not, just enjoy lah okay. i'm trying to post something here because it's been a while since i posted my blog, like one thousand years ago (lebay). not only that, i think personally that this is an information you have to know to acknowledge your curiosity about ghouly things. well it's just a suggestion hehe.

yesterday, i watched a televion reality show in AXN Beyond, only tv cabel has this channel. this show called 'Ghost Adventures'. i don't know why i like this kind of supernatural stories, but somehow it always been, for me, popped up some ridiculous questions in my head. i mean, like this; how that can be?, i don't believe it? that is sooo weird!? yeah some like that.
so, ghost adventures ini mengenai yaa typical supernatural adventures, their job is to reveal the truth about the world of supernatural, that ghosts…