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Menampilkan postingan dari September, 2009

first day of holiday (holiday week 1)

when I heard the annoncement that we're going to have holiday, I was the first one to say "YEEEAAA UHUH OYEAAAHH WOOOOW". yup that's me goin crazy coz the holiday was coming..

but now, well i spent most of my first week with boring stuff. yeah, facebooking, went to University of Indonesia, buka puasa with my freakish friends (FREAKYS),took my dad to Aini Hospital for further treatment (he had to be lasered on his left eye -___-), well that's about it. so what d'you think? heheh.

okay, i am gonna make summaries about my previous activities. btw, i was LOOKLET-ing and it was AWSOME... the dress was freakingly hot.. haha. i have made 2 design. i love fashion too much.

uhm, where do i have too start, oh yes:
University of Indonesia, the home of my next level education.. wahahah. i hope so. well, tujuan gue kemarin tanggal 13 September bukanlah untuk bersuka ria, kenalan sama anak-anak UI yang bisa dibilang adalah anak2 yang telah melewati tahap pertama sukses mere…