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Senin, 24 Mei 2010

kanemura fever!

oooh MG, i just lost of words here. because i'm in love with this awsome, wicked dancer on
so you think you can dance, season 4.. he was supppperrrrrrrr freak and i LOVE him totally. he's the most different person as a dancer and pretty creative, unlike any other dancer, he's just stick to he's own unique idea of dancing..

not only that he's super CUTE! FUNNY, ENTERTAINING, HANDSOME, AND again, WICKED!! aaawww i LOVE HIM TO MUCH!! he has this perfect nose that i adore so much, and his super handsome jaw.. okaay the thing is that he's AMAZING.. i realize soon that he LOVE LADY GAGA!
since then i love LADY GAGA'S music and recently love ALEJANDRO.. and MARK KANEMURA is the perfect picture of ALEJANDRO, i'm too young and he's too HOT. hahaha.

i respect he's dancing. i saw when he first audition at SYTYCD season 4 and I thought that he was long way to go to a place called FAME. and now he's famous with LADY GAGA singing in front of him, and all of her preformance, he danced right behind her. he's the main backup dancer and he's soooo awsome, i'm soo proud of him!

Sabtu, 08 Mei 2010

keep holding on

just telling you guys how i'm sorry about those who didn't get through to
University of Indonesia
, or any university you've dreamed of.

well, there's nothing easy about how to get in there, where academic are number one and the important key to get in. but there are also things you don't really realize that those are important: (gw bahasa Indonesia aja deh ya haha)
  1. dalam diri lo harus kuat dan gak berubah tentang apa yang lo pengenin. misalnya lo pengen masuk UGM contohnya. lo tulis gede-gede di kamar lo. secara spesifik, nulisnya jangan asal. contoh: SAYA (nama lo) AKAN SEKOLAH DI UGM JURUSAN (yang lo pengen) DAN PADA TANGGAL (pengunguman keLULUSan lo) SAYA LULUS MASUK UGM
  2. terus berdoa dan secara SPESIFIK juga berdoanya. dimana, jurusan apa, apa yang lo pengenin setelah lo masuk di PTN/PTS itu. Tuhan pasti dengerin permintaan lo yang paling dalem. contoh: YA ALLAH, SAYA AKAN SEKOLAH DI UGM JURUSAN blablabla DAN JIKA SAYA MASUK JURUSAN INI SAYA AKAN MENJADI MANUSIA YANG LEBIH BAIK DAN MENOLONG ORANG LAIN DENGAN ILMU SAYA INI.
  3. BELAJAR!! tapi jangan ngasal juga belajarnyaaa yaa. kan banyak tuh cara belajar yang efektif dan gak buang-buang waktu aja hehehe. misalnya kalo jadwalnya les yaa les. trus kalo malem mau belajar jangan dimulai dari malem banget (kayak jam 9! itu mah udah telat banget, jadinya lo begadang abis2an, trus yang masuk ke otak dikit banget). jadi maksimal dimulai dari jam 8 malem, lebih awal lebih baiiik. kalo otak lo muat nampung rumus atau hapalan bejibun dari jam 8 sampe jam 10 atau 11 atau 12 sih gapapa. tapi kan gak mungin yaa lo belajar lebih dari 1 jam tanpa istirahat sama sekali beeuhh. misalnya lo minum teh dulu, puter-puter kepala, OL facebook atau twitter bentar (haha jangan mpe keterusan!!), ambil napas dalem dalem, trus ngobrol bentar sama orang kek sama mahluk lain kek terserah yaa haha. yang penting otak harus relaksasi dulu, kalo dipaksa gak mungkin deh namanya informasi bisa ditangkep sama sel abu-abu itu.. dendrit nya gak bisa transfer data booo.. kan ada terminalnya haha (ngomong apa gw coba zz)
  4. well, itulah kira2 yang menjadi syarat-syarat selain belajar terus ampe otak lo copot haha. trus sebagai tambahan lo coba baca posting gw sebelumnya:

hehe okaaay deh, enjoy your studying time :)

oh yaa one more thing, ini daftar list lagu-lagu yang harus lo dengerin karena ini bakal menggugah semangat lo dan liriknya daleeem deh haha coba download yaah:
  • Keep Holding On (original version by Avril Lavinge, or try Glee version: recommended)
  • Don't Stop Believing (by Glee: kereeeen!)
  • True Colors (by Glee)
  • Defying Gravity (Glee, again!)
  • Just Wanna Be With You (High School Musical 3: recommended)
  • Scream (High School Musical 3: mimpi lo sebenernya apa sih? apakah ini UI atau UGM yang terbaik (contoh), coba dalemin nih lagu, perhatiin liriknya.. mana yang LO pilih!
  • I Want It All (HSM 3: beeuh obsesi menjadi orang superrr! THINK BIGGER!!)
  • Imma Be (Black Eyed Peas: mau jadi Billioner, so coming true!)
  • Empire State of Mind (Jay-z and Alicia Keys)
sooo, just listen to it, sing it then you'll know what to do!!! SEMANGAT YOU GUYS!!



well i get really excited my head was like going to blew up like in a minute was pretty crazy you know.

so here's the story.. yesterday i opened my facebook and my friend made a status that tomorrow (which is today)that the announcement of SIMAK UI was held at May, 8th 2010. i was like really freaking shock! i thought the announcement on May 15th. i just got panicked and my dad told me (he was reading a Kompas) that the announcement was tomorrow (which is today, i already said that, didn't I?).
i couldn't sleep the night before. so i just controlled my breathing all the time and pray to God that the announcement would be a good news for me. i just couldn't wait any longer. that night i dreamed, horrible.. that i couldn't get through. but the first dream was pretty weird. and the second one i don't remember, and the third one, well kinda a bit relief for me because my mom (in my dream) read at the newspaper that my name was in the list. but something strange happened.

well, thank God all those three freaking dreams was not happenin at all.

today, i woke up at 6 and hurriedly trying to wait the newspaper. so, i waited.. why the hell.. where's the newspaper man?? so i figured it out that the man would come at 9 am! i can't wait that long.
so i just waited until 8 to find it at the website. it didn't take long enough and i discovered that I MADE IT THROUGH!!! O MY GOD. i cried soooo freaking hard my mom just going crazy about it. she didn't know what to do.. well, i had my sister to check it out if it's real or fake. and it's real!! hahaha i can't believe it, it was just like a miracle.. my whole freaking months i've been waited for this moment, i prayed all day, do the right thing (not always actually), studied sooo hard until my brain fell out just like that, and well my hopes and dreams i wanted this sssoooo bad and now it's happening.. and i don't have to burden my family, especially my dad, and being a good role model for my sister and my cousin, and all i'm just soo happy right now. i can't think of anything except this. i i've proven all the teachers and my friends that i'm a person who can make a difference for my self, and cannot be intimidated anymore..

that feeling i felt when i cried. my funny little cousin went a little scared when i was crying like wow, i didn't even remember. he said: serem mba. ahahaha

okaay, my dad, even more funnier than ever:
me: dad, i didn't get through (wait a second..)
dad: (just go home from swimming) huh, oh okay (looked at my mother)
mother: (hhihihi laughing alone)
me: i didn't get through to Trisakti (my backup university)
dad: oh well (he obviously didn't get it at all!!)
me: dad, i didn't get into Trisakti
dad: (silent for a moment) oh, aaaah.. hahahaha okaaay okaay
me: yey i made it through UI
dad: well, congrats! i already know that (but his face was a little bit too serious, he just doesn't want us to know that he is freeeaking worried haha) i text mr. 'B' yesterday
me: oooh whatever.. well thanks dad thanks sooo much
dad: yeah it's okay. go take a bow on me haha
me: no waaaay hahaha

and we laughed a lot..

so, my new problem is:
  1. i have to look for a new place to live
  2. study haaard (again)
  3. find myself a job
  4. being a good girl and just enjoy the rest of my awsome holiday