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kanemura fever!

oooh MG, i just lost of words here. because i'm in love with this awsome, wicked dancer on
so you think you can dance, season 4.. he was supppperrrrrrrr freak and i LOVE him totally. he's the most different person as a dancer and pretty creative, unlike any other dancer, he's just stick to he's own unique idea of dancing..

not only that he's super CUTE! FUNNY, ENTERTAINING, HANDSOME, AND again, WICKED!! aaawww i LOVE HIM TO MUCH!! he has this perfect nose that i adore so much, and his super handsome jaw.. okaay the thing is that he's AMAZING.. i realize soon that he LOVE LADY GAGA!
since then i love LADY GAGA'S music and recently love ALEJANDRO.. and MARK KANEMURA is the perfect picture of ALEJANDRO, i'm too young and he's too HOT. hahaha.

i respect he's dancing. i saw when he first audition at SYTYCD season 4 and I thought that he was long way to go to a place called FAME. and now he's famous with LADY GAGA singing in front of him, and all of her preformance, he danced right behind her. he's the main backup dancer and he's soooo awsome, i'm soo proud of him!


  1. i'm shivering girl... i know how does it feels to admire someone HUGE, as i love LG. Somehow i might think that's nothing could be greater than God, Mom, and Her... i am dying for LG.



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