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nama lengkap: CELLO CHURMACHAN

tempat lahir: -tidak diketahui-

tempat tinggal: Jln. Sumenep no 11, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

nomer di telinga: 474

nomer telepon: panggil saja "CELLO!"

itulah biodata singkat dari anjing ini. anjing ini cukup unik dan kehadirannya sangat mengejutkan karena dia datang secara tiba-tiba di rumah eyang saya di Menteng, Jak-Pus ini. begitupula dengan sikapnya yang sedikit out of normal. tidak diketahui mengapa dia mempunyai kepribadian yang sungguh diluar kewajaran seekor anjing.

Riwayat Singkat
dia datang ke Sumenep No. 11 ini tanpa ekspetasi dari penghuni rumah. dia datang sendiri dengan disambut oleh 2 ekor anjing lainnya bernama Gupi dan Modena. Gupi sudah sejak lama tinggal di rumah Nomer 11 ini, sedangkan Modena, sang anjing betina nan anggun dan bohay, datangnya pun tak diharapkan dan pada saat itu kondisinya sangat mengenaskan (kurus dan tak terawat). Modena sudah meninggalkan rumah Nomer 11 ini dan juga meninggalkan dunia fana pada sekitar bu…

kanemura fever!

oooh MG, i just lost of words here. because i'm in love with this awsome, wicked dancer on so you think you can dance,season 4.. he was supppperrrrrrrr freak and i LOVE him totally. he's the most different person as a dancer and pretty creative, unlike any other dancer, he's just stick to he's own unique idea of dancing..

not only that he's super CUTE! FUNNY, ENTERTAINING, HANDSOME, AND again, WICKED!! aaawww i LOVE HIM TO MUCH!! he has this perfect nose that i adore so much, and his super handsome jaw.. okaay the thing is that he's AMAZING.. i realize soon that he LOVE LADY GAGA!
since then i love LADY GAGA'S music and recently love ALEJANDRO.. and MARK KANEMURA is the perfect picture of ALEJANDRO, i'm too young and he's too HOT. hahaha.

i respect he's dancing. i saw when he first audition at SYTYCD season 4 and I thought that he was long way to go to a place called FAME. and now he's famous with LADY GAGA singing in front of him, and all of h…

keep holding on

just telling you guys how i'm sorry about those who didn't get through to
University of Indonesia, or any university you've dreamed of.

well, there's nothing easy about how to get in there, where academic are number one and the important key to get in. but there are also things you don't really realize that those are important: (gw bahasa Indonesia aja deh ya haha)
dalam diri lo harus kuat dan gak berubah tentang apa yang lo pengenin. misalnya lo pengen masuk UGM contohnya. lo tulis gede-gede di kamar lo. secara spesifik, nulisnya jangan asal. contoh: SAYA (nama lo) AKAN SEKOLAH DI UGM JURUSAN (yang lo pengen) DAN PADA TANGGAL (pengunguman keLULUSan lo) SAYA LULUS MASUK UGMterus berdoa dan secara SPESIFIK juga berdoanya. dimana, jurusan apa, apa yang lo pengenin setelah lo masuk di PTN/PTS itu. Tuhan pasti dengerin permintaan lo yang paling dalem. contoh: YA ALLAH, SAYA AKAN SEKOLAH DI UGM JURUSAN blablabla DAN JIKA SAYA MASUK JURUSAN INI SAYA AKAN MENJADI MANUSIA Y…


well i get really excited my head was like going to blew up like in a minute was pretty crazy you know.

so here's the story.. yesterday i opened my facebook and my friend made a status that tomorrow (which is today)that the announcement of SIMAK UI was held at May, 8th 2010. i was like really freaking shock! i thought the announcement on May 15th. i just got panicked and my dad told me (he was reading a Kompas) that the announcement was tomorrow (which is today, i already said that, didn't I?).
i couldn't sleep the night before. so i just controlled my breathing all the time and pray to God that the announcement would be a good news for me. i just couldn't wait any longer. that night i dreamed, horrible.. that i couldn't get through. but the first dream was pretty weird. and the second one i don't remember, and the third one, well kinda a bit relief for me because my mom (in my dream) read at the newspaper that my name was in the list. but something stran…

talking about GHOSTs

well, i think this is an interesting subject because everybody love talking about superstitious things, eh, em ai right?
hmm, for those who did not, just enjoy lah okay. i'm trying to post something here because it's been a while since i posted my blog, like one thousand years ago (lebay). not only that, i think personally that this is an information you have to know to acknowledge your curiosity about ghouly things. well it's just a suggestion hehe.

yesterday, i watched a televion reality show in AXN Beyond, only tv cabel has this channel. this show called 'Ghost Adventures'. i don't know why i like this kind of supernatural stories, but somehow it always been, for me, popped up some ridiculous questions in my head. i mean, like this; how that can be?, i don't believe it? that is sooo weird!? yeah some like that.
so, ghost adventures ini mengenai yaa typical supernatural adventures, their job is to reveal the truth about the world of supernatural, that ghosts…