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Menampilkan postingan dari 2013

A TEASER.....where I've been last year: fullfiling my heart..

a last party with other countries that I'll never forget.....

a not so little distraction

life is a goal. that is what's in my mind for as long as live until I found something.
it makes me weak. more weaker than any moment in my life.
I should have strength like most people do.
but I loose my faith on my strength. 
what is life when you're to weak to do anything.
no goal which can driven your blood crazy?
that's makes me a zombie or maybe a vampire
I've gone so deep into the woods
cannot drive back
why I can do this to myself?
why do I hurt my poor little self?
why I can't go back to my old self?
struggling and dreaming of things that inspires me?
is it because this little distraction?

I want to break free. Something holds me down. or Someone.

let me be myself again.