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Selasa, 25 Juni 2013

A TEASER.....where I've been last year: fullfiling my heart..

 a last party with other countries that I'll never forget.....

a not so little distraction

life is a goal. that is what's in my mind for as long as live until I found something.

it makes me weak. more weaker than any moment in my life.

I should have strength like most people do.

but I loose my faith on my strength. 

what is life when you're to weak to do anything.

no goal which can driven your blood crazy?

that's makes me a zombie or maybe a vampire

I've gone so deep into the woods

cannot drive back

why I can do this to myself?

why do I hurt my poor little self?

why I can't go back to my old self?

struggling and dreaming of things that inspires me?

is it because this little distraction?

I want to break free.
Something holds me down.
or Someone.

let me be myself again.

Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

staring blank

life is not to be stared or whine. life is doing whatever you want to do, until you feel like wanna fly out of the door.