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a not so little distraction

life is a goal. that is what's in my mind for as long as live until I found something.

it makes me weak. more weaker than any moment in my life.

I should have strength like most people do.

but I loose my faith on my strength. 

what is life when you're to weak to do anything.

no goal which can driven your blood crazy?

that's makes me a zombie or maybe a vampire

I've gone so deep into the woods

cannot drive back

why I can do this to myself?

why do I hurt my poor little self?

why I can't go back to my old self?

struggling and dreaming of things that inspires me?

is it because this little distraction?

I want to break free.
Something holds me down.
or Someone.

let me be myself again.


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Baru kali ini gue bisa ngakak sampai terguling-guling nonton film Indonesia yang disutradarai & ditulis oleh Ernest Prakasa (terkenal dari Stand Up Comedy dari Metro TV).
Kids, siapa sih yang nggak kenal sama dia? Kalo belom kenal, mungkin dengan usaha gue untuk membuat movie review pertama ini kalian bisa kenal sedikit lebih dekat dengan salah satu karya Ernest. Semoga tidak mengecewakan hehe.

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One fine day, back in the days when I was in university studying Interior Architecture, one lecturer tell us about a very deep song: "...John Mayer was making this song while he's in his mid-twenties. He was having a crisis."

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