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Found Out Something

front of Bali Beach Hotel, Sanur, Bali, September 2011
(When I was take a dip in this beach, I was thinking about my future life is going to be.and love..)

Many silly quotes about love that are sometimes making me laugh. But when i found out today from a friend that love is delivered in many ways and many shapes.

And i found out the definition between love ‘sayang’ and love ‘cinta’ from a friend’s theory. Someone said that she finds the word sayang when she met a guy with very nice attention towards her and their status were only around between brother and sister. He cared a lot to her, he took care of her like driving her to some place and watched her to made sure that she’s always save. She loves (sayang) him too, and she really cared about him and love him like a brother. That guy already had a girlfriend and his GF was actually really mad at him because he gave too much attention towards my friend. Short story, a few years later they broke up, and my friend and that guy never met again after a few years. Turns out after the separation, that guy was in love with my friend, he came across town just to find her and told her parents that he cannot stay away, he always wants to be around her, take care of her. My friend was confused, she always thought that guy will be always treated like her brother. But after he told the truth about his feelings, she opened up and also found out that she loves (cinta) him too. And they both got married... J

That story there got me thinking between love ‘sayang’ and love ‘cinta. Some people when they have crush on other people doesn’t mean that they are in love, after they finally know that person, they maybe (not always happening i guess) back out or they realized that person is not what they think. or the positive side, they finally find the one that they are looking for. But some people has their moment when they found real love. Wherever they come from and to whom ever they get.

The love ‘sayang’ which comes out first, I think is the most can give that love to anybody or even anything. You can do anything just to make someone or something you love can feel the love that you wanna give. And love ‘sayang’ will last forever. Unlike love ‘cinta’, they can say ‘aku cinta kamu’ and the next day ‘i hate you, we should break up.’ They tends not to last forever. But love ‘sayang’ stays forever. That kind of love completes you in every aspect of live, it gives you extra strenght that you never ever felt before, it builds you up. But love ‘cinta’ somehow can brings you down, sometimes up, but mostly down.

Above is the theory of a friend of mine. When you love somebody, you will always have that in your whole entire life as a human being [or a dog. Why a dog? Well because they love you unconditionally. Dogs are amazing animal, they will stay loyal to you even when you hurt them, like the movie, Hatchiko (everybody knows this movie, right, it tears you out like a baby..I did..)]

My friend helped me through those two definition, though its just her theory and is not you can call valid. But somehow it does make sense to me.You can give your love to practically anybody, unexcepted. They will give you back or not, its a matter of later. When you give, they will not give you back directly but there’s another way you can get it back.

Love will always last. Somehow I’m a bit scared about this sentence.......



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