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Senin, 20 Januari 2014

Another Dream Come True: #1 Misi Budaya Angsana Prabala 2012 (Vianna do Castello)

very late, but dear readers, I really really want to relive this experience. At least I can write this down on my blog. I've been eager to post this adventure on my blog but I haven't got the chance to do it. it goes....
another dream come true...

WELCOME TO VIANNA DE CASTELLO, PORTUGAL, beautiful small town with many historical building: AWSOME!!

Me and Ayu are crazy imitating the statue of dancing. The statue is a symbol of happiness, Portugal Dance.

THIS IS US, ANGSANA PRABALA 1. We took picture outside the house of dance from group of Vianna de Castello, Portugal, Perre. We live here for about 1 week and they've been nothing but nice and caring :")

-nothing to say- except my anti-badai eyelashes.....hurts!

With my Eneng Ayu :"") We look like Bond Girls with Indonesian traditional outfit ;9 (khacinggaa)

With my Eneng Ayeng and Eneng Ayu :"") (costumes from left: Javanese male dance costume, Minang traditional costume, Betawi traditional dance costume)

this is Santo Inho parteey houseeee. HAHA. Nggak deng. This is some kind of Portugal restaurant which serve many kind of dish also (the best part) get to folk-dancing after getting drunk.
One of the room in Santo Inho Restaurant

We (Me and Puser) are so proud of our nationality....and so proud wearing Kalimantan Traditional costume with my fellow dancers from Peru. They are super awsome too.

Mas Dony Yoshinda, our dance trainer that made us dance like bunch of crazy people.

Team Girls of Angsana Prabala :)  (from left: Puser, Mila, Ayu, Prilly, Chyntia, Ayu Beany, Nanditta, Vina, Laksita. Bottom: Saskia, Dania, Me and Syifa)

Yeah, me in front of the house, simple and homy...(I look sleepy)

The silly orchestra team wearing traditional Javanese man costume (left: Audy (girl), Ayeng (girl), Vinda (...girl), Tito (the only boy in this picture))

I loveeeee Mexican traditional costume!! The background is sooo beautiful. It was the day of our performance. I don't remember what day we have performed...

The Greece girls. I love their costumes! I want to borrow one!! I actually know them, but have forgotten their name hehe sorry...

My LO. He's always been charming. (I also forgot his name. I think I'm having an early alzheimer)

The last day of our performance in Vianna de Castello. Balloons everywhere!!

Yeah, there is she. Our boss: Nanditta, waving like there's no tomorrow. Yes, definitely.

The aftershow photoshoot. Blessed :)

She's one of the host of Perre Dance Group and also.....super nice and very kind.... I really miss her :) Oh yeah, this is the day when we held a lunch party, a kind of farewell to the dance group :""( awww..

Why the hell I put this picture in my blog??? (Agung and Vinda)

Philippe, a friend that I will never forget. He's young and handsome, one of the dancer of Perre. He's so nice he made a bracelet for all of us...

Its time for us to move out from Vianna de Castello.... Next city.... SANTAREM, PORTUGAL

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