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Rabu, 05 Februari 2014

Beginning of Your 20s

A friend said that in the beginning of your young adult years, things aren't working out as you planned.

well, at least you only feel that way.

the truth is how can you perceive it. if you think you are successful in your super-awsome-fantastic-21 well, think again. lots of insecurities you'll find. the path you're going through, not so smooth as you have planned.

I feel that way, yes. but guys, don't deny the truth that YOU also feel that way.

issues are coming through your days whether you liked it or not. it is how to face it, not reject it. I made mistakes. I rejected the whole idea of problems and issues. and to get away with it, I tried to away. I never ever think myself as a coward, until now, I realize how coward I am.

those problems I face every single day is like an endless war.



and....unstable emotions.

 a friend said that a matter doesn't have to be complicated. well, my friend you are so totally wrong I can chocked you to death (kidding). my friend always sees things from the math point of view, which 2+2 is 4. the fact our daily life, 2+2 can emerge into x+2y+10z.

what the hell... is that, right?

I tell you that my friend, if I wanted to make my life simple, might as well I can just sit around and watching TV or twittering about the latest gossip of Kpop or whatever.
complicated is to think that your life is not just like a train stopping by at each station and move on to next on and keep on going to the same route every single day and night (if you know what I mean). life is to take meaning every single thing you do and forgive anything you've done wrong, also...learn.

I learn soooooo much in this life and that's not including being a person who exists in campus...

many people think that after they join those committees and organizations their life could be soooo much cooler and advancing to another level. well think again. I know that you guys are sooo pumped up with everything you guys do: the talking, the meeting, the meeting, the proposals, the events...blablabla. I. get. bored. with. all. you guys doin....puhlesse..
HEY. that's not all y'll... after you do all the talking and stuff, is it anything going to get better? yeah.. totally get better....

..... in 1000 years later.

perhaps I'm a hater right now. gloomy in somewhat a life that makes me think that the choices I made is...eating me alive. yes, I've learned so many things that I am so shocked until I have this traumatic life that make me stuck in 2011. well, I gain a precious gift that this world want to have it....but also...pain. in my ass and in my chest, pounding endlessly like hell is rotting inside my brain.

I'm 21, I keep my life to myself so I don't want anyone interfere with whatever happening with my soul or my body or whatever I do...except I let them in.

Alone is the best medicine. But sometimes....friends can give you comfort (hope so).

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