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The Way You Are

I've always been kind of person who thinks: in order to write, a good inspiring article or blog, is to seize the perfect moment to write. I really like to write when night comes. Night time is when I contemplate about lots of things in life. And then comes the moment when I have so many things in my mind, and I don't have the energy to do it. Sucks. 

Okay. So tonight is the night when I actually don't have the energy to write. 

I'm supposed to write about a story of some bad parts of my childhood. I've promised my friends that I wanted to tell her about that story, but, emmm, not a good time. Maybe later. Hehehe, procrastinator! 

Remember I wrote about multi-potentialites? 
Yup, I guess, I'm kind of one of those, like, almost. 

Recently, I am busy making myself as a Creative-preneur. 
Wait, what, is creative-preneur?

Basically, is a creative person who becomes an entrepreneur, by making out of creativity as a weapon of entrepreneurship. 
I actually made the understanding. Forgive me if I am wrong. and can somebody complete the understanding? thank you so much. 

Creative Industry in Indonesia has increased 7% percent each year since its big break on 2010. And for about 5 years, creative industry's PDB (produk domestik bruto) increased by 10,14% each year, which is good right? 

I give you some data again (hope this is not gonna bore you): creative industry has given 7,38% contribution to nation's economic income. And that is not bad at all, in fact, it is so good, you can taste that 7% and lick it up so it will increased by 10% -15%-20% and so on. (joking).

And if we are talking about export, we got lots of good creative-stuff sent over to 3 biggest country: USA, Japan and Taiwan. These data has been confirmed by Dirjen Perdagangan (general director of trades) that those three countries are the best consumers for our goodies (my note from 4th Congress of Diaspora Indonesia). By my surprise, this creative industry is not joking, they actually make money and give the country a little boost. That's why this latest government made BEKRAF (Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia) as a council to manage the creative industry in Indonesia for the past 3 years since its inauguration on 2015.

So, creative industry has making its money from 3 main or biggest sub-sector: Culinary, Fashion and guess what? CRAFT. I tear up this page from Data Statistik dan Hasil Survei Ekonomi Kreatif, its latest publishing, and found out that what I have been working on;  the Craft sector, has 15,07% contribution to the nation. Which is larger from Architecture, which has 2,30% contribution (HAH, HOW BOUT DAH, BICES???). Sorry, for cursing. I am an architecture alumni and what can I say.....I said: goodbye. 

Those are the facts that is startled me when I suddenly have the energy to find out those data. BOY, DO I FEEL SO HAPPY. That's why I've been studying Instagram and its content. How Indonesian creatives has the strength to believe that their business is going to boost by just using our latest technology, (and how Kaesang got so excited by Vlogging his daily life). Social media is a huge part of creating fast and creative contents and also, connecting makers to its consumers. Some people I know, think that soc-med might be a little playground called "my narcissistic happiness", but for me, ah baby please, IT IS my real work. I do play with it, little by little, and learn how to make it a valuable marketing for my little brand called: Kertasbykarls. 

My babies. Some of it, though.

I've been striving with my blood and tears and fall out brain, whatever it takes to make my brand afloat. I've been stumbling upon pebbles along the way, but it keeps me going. My biggest competition is actually myself. I have huge insecurities and also bad memories of bad people. I do scared of people. But, how am I supposed to be an entrepreneur if I can't manage my fear of people?? How? Well, baby steps, my dear, baby steps. What I do is I am focusing on my business. When I focus, I start to talk and behave in control, because I'm in charge, baby!

When I called Pak Slamet Rahardjo: Om. Because I couldn't remember his name.
Thank you Pak!!! Love youuu!!! Big, huge Fan!!!!!

@ Art Market Jakarta Vol. 7, Kuningan City.
My first ever bazaar and it was, I dare say: Freaking Successful

Kertasbykarls is not perfect. No business start as a sparkling-star-big-bang-hollywood kind of business. I have been researched a lot people start from small and little by little they become big. Some of them starting it because they feel passionate in it. And most of them are millennials. They got guts and spirits, and risk to believe their going to be big like Jack Ma, Zuckerberg, or Amoruso. Well, we never know unless we tried. One thing on my mind was: I want to be a passionate worker by doing what I (probably) passionate about and start DOING IT.

One of my babies being hold by one of Indonesian Celebrity: Tamara Tyasmara.
You may know her from NET TV: Kelas Internasional series

One virtual mentor, Michael Hyatt, is one of my favorite motivator and by far, the person who builds and repairs my fragile side (after all the dramas I've been through) from afar. His podcasts guides me to be a better person, a strong-willed, focus and determined (again). From the business side, he taught me from his podcast on how to manage people and myself. 

Hyatt has a really good quote:
 "Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." 
I'm hoping what I'm doing now is going to lead me a useful human being. I want to be a part of 'others make it happen'. What I do learn from past workplace is that I found diverse people who gave me tough slaps. Through that, I know it will make a mark, either bad or good. It will make me a very weird person (hahahaha, no, okay seriously) it will make me a strong and weird (still). Though there are still some regrets, but looking now, maybe God has lead me to this moment: when I feel I give it my all, y'll!

Before I close this down, I will give you more data:

From the above, it is true that millennials (and some genX) are contributing to Indonesia's creative industry. Girllllll, you ain't shy!! Because almost 55% are girls and woman leading creative industry to the top. Who says woman has to be the one who does the dishes and mops all the time? This ain't Cinderella hour! 

It's true, we have the power to change our nation by little itsy bitsy step of those people who believe that creative industry, it is not just a passion for show. From passion they become a money maker. Slowly but sure, they created a field for other ASEAN people and work for you. Ah, dream goal! So, starting now, you gotta believe what you do is worth it. 

Like, Zuck said on the Harvard commencement:
"The greatest successes come from having the freedom to fail."

Y'll keep doing what you love, okay? Promise me? 


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