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Our Cultures is Our Life, people!!

Wow, how really dissapointing it is, our culture, Indonesian Culture, has been taken by our own so called 'neighbour'. My God, that's a shock!
Yeah, don't be then! Don't be shocked! It is our own fault anyway. It is shown by the way our govermenments works, our people's behaviour, our arogancy, our bulls*#$.

Our hopes and dreams has been crushed by ourselfs. And we don't realize it until someone crushed it IN FRONT OF US! It sooo stupid. Okay, just pretend that WE are a little boy who has LOTS OF play things. That little kid has too much things he has to play with. When he got bored, he throw it away. Then forget about those play things, since he has a new one. Suddenly came a pretty little girl, she took those things without him noticing them. Then after a while he realize those play things he once had, has been GONE, like, FOREVER. damn, that girl turns out has lots of Barbie, Lego, and stuffs. SHE TOOK CARE OF IT.

Above it's a simple analogy. But bitting right. Yeah, so how we can prevent and get our things back again before the world approves Malaysia's FAKE cultures??
Lots of, like:
  1. learn our own culture
  2. respect our own culture
  3. protect
  4. care
  5. LOVE is the big thing you have to have..



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