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Rabu, 29 Februari 2012

running mind

it seems endless....
this is not a story
this is only a mind
who speaks everytime, whenever it wants
sometimes I can't catch the train inside my head

it keeps moving so fast
I can't even make it stop
than the thoughts flows to my mouth
as it come out to be a puzzle I cannot solve

it is chaosness inside my head
inside my brain
inside my soul
inside my solitary room

I have a room of my own
a space which only mind able to conceive
a space inside my heart
beating slower than my mind can count every tempo of my life

life is a memory
too much memory in just one mind
another chaos comes, but never goes
it stays

they never understand
I thought one could
but leave me in an unknown emptiness
without explanation

leave me

I've never felt so alone
alone in a running mind
it used to be fixed with only words
but now, it back to a normal chaos

hey, its just another chaos
everybody has it in their own house of mind
yes it is just another play for me to fixed it on my own
one day, one day

what day it will be?

they say I'm a joke
they don't know how I cried in pain
every single night
in a running mind

a litteral tears flew from my mind onto my cheeks
slowly dripped down to my ears
as I laid my head on my bed
caused my mind to run even faster


how can I stop?
when a body of mine couldn't
why it has to be you who can stop it?

who are you?
a mind? a soul? a ghost? haunted me for the rest of my life
questioning who and why...

running mind...
please stop
for the sake of my happiness, I have to erase the shoes you wore when you were running
blocking my mind from unnecessary problematics...

I know I failed, over and over again
but please let me try it again...


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